Transfer Event in Queue Logs Not Appearing

The TRANSFER event is not appearing in the queue logs for the following scenario.

An agent answers a call in the queue. The agent transfers the call to a non-agent extension using the blind transfer feature code(##) in asterisk.

System: FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 16.9.0

Has anyone come across this issue?

That’s a new one for me. Have you looked in the CEL to see if the event is being logged in there?

I can see the transfer event in the CEL.

I did some more testing.
The agents are logging into the queue using the FreePBX feature code. I noticed it is putting them into the queue as a local channel(Local/[email protected]/n). When they transfer calls, it is not appearing in the queue_log.

On the CLI, I added an agent to the queue using their extension number.(ex. queue add member PJSIP/299 to 490). The blind transfer event is appearing in the queue_log.

That actually makes perfect sense. There are at least five different channel drivers on my system; the number on yours should be close to that. To avoid a lot of redundancy, most of the code would be (or at least, should be) written to use the Local channel alias so that it’s mapped by just the extension.

In the case of Local channels with /n, you aren’t transferring the caller in the queue. It may appear that way to the caller but it’s not what is happening. They remain in the queue, they’re just connected elsewhere.

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