Transfer direct to VM on a remote system?

There is no way to transfer direct to VM of an extension on a remote FreePBX system if they are connected through a pjsip trunk, right?

normally *nnnn would work but that context would need to be added to the tieline

That’s within a PBX. This is PBX to PBX over a SIP trunk. Don’t think *nnnn gets sent over a trunk to a remote system, right?

If the *xxxx does not match a local extension and does match an Outbound Route to the tie trunk, the call will arrive at the remote system. From there, if the remote end of the tie trunk has context from-internal (or another context that includes +xxxx), the call will hit the remote user’s voicemail.

In other words, you need to add *XXXX to the dial patterns in the outbound route.

Wait, I have no idea why I assumed that * is a special character that can’t be part of the dial pattern on an outbound route. Thanks guys.

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