Transfer Deployment ID


I would like to get a fresh deployment of FreePBX up and running before I transfer over my licenses, users, endpoints, etc. I currently have no zend-resets remaining and understand I will have to go through support to have it reset again. The whole deployment ID and activation process is find of awkward.

Is it possible to switch the deployment ID of a particular FreePBX instance?

I’m pretty confident that we can not transfer the licenses from one deployment to another. Typically, we ask that a new system be setup under the original deployment ID. What are you trying to do exactly? Is this for a warm spare or backup server? Or just a restore from a backup?

I have found my installation of FreePBX distro to be very unstable. Every time I go from Asterisk 13 to 16 things go haywire and I have to go back to 13. I submit bug reports and post in the community but no one seems to have any fixes. I’m just overall not happy with FreePBX these days and want to start a server from scratch.

I would like to minimize the downtime by having two servers operating for just a few days to a week while I switch everything over to the new box. What would be the best way to approach this? What happens to the old deployment if the new box has the same deployment ID?

If you would like to have two servers operating for a few days for up to a week for testing, then your only options are to:

  1. Buy licenses for any commercial software that needs to be restored
  2. Do an instantaneous deployment transfer and test nightly, and may require interaction with support. Unfortunately, this will also deactivate the current main system at Midnight CST, so just keep that in mind.

Another option is utilize support either via paid support plan or the purchase of PBXAct. Support can help you transfer and test the system.

I haven’t heard about these issues, so I encourage you to keep submitting bug reports, this is how we make the product better. We rely on the community to tell us when things aren’t working as expected. That being said, do you have a link to the issues you submitted in Jira? I can try to track down what happened there.

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