Transfer CID to queue

One of my clients has a database of CIDs which they what to use to do the following:

  • incoming call
  • lookup CID
  • match is found
  • move to queue related to CID

Can this be done? In the past I have created a basic lookup script, so the lookup part won’t be the problem. But how can I move a call to a certain queue on incoming?

How many CIDs are you likely to want this for? If it’s just a few, you could create an inbound route for each one, matching on the CID (and the DID if you want) and just sending those calls to a particular destination. if you have a lot of CIDs to match, that may be difficult to manage, though.

The number is unknown. My client works in different regions with a growing number of incoming calls, so the number is certainly not fixed.

You could do this with the 3rd party module Dynamic Routes, or a block of custom dialplan.