Transfer calls without getting dropped

Hello everyone,

There’s a Trixbox server that I’m tasked to configure on the way it handles transfers.

When someone is on call and that someone transfers that call to another extension but that extension is not logged on, the call is lost. What should happen is that when the call is passed to an extension that’s not logged on, it should bounce the call back to calling party and not get dropped.

Any way how to do this on FreePBX?

You have two types

#70 will park the call

blind transfer #{exten} is just that blind…if no answer then OH Well…

Thanks bubba.

We were able to test it and it does seem to work. However, we’re having difficulty when the extensions are remote (that is, they are located in another country from the Asterisk server).

When we try to transfer the call - it either works, doesn’t work, or there is a delay in the pop-up notification (we’re using the idefisk softphone).

Any pointers on how to fix this?