Transfer call to external number from Queue instead of Ring Group

Hi there, i was having issue when trying to transfer an incoming call to an external number because of the ID that must match with my trunk provider. I was able to fix it by adding the external number to the Ring Group and adding my ID Number in the following setting:

Change External CID Configuration = Fixed CID Value
Fixed CID Value = Here goes my ID Number

I was wondering if i can do the same thing with the Queue instead of Ring Group because with Queue i can monitor the Queue Logs for Call Reporting, or do i need to open a ticket for this one. Thanks

There is a trunk config option that should do this for you:

i tried that but i got channel unavailable

You have not specified an outbound caller id for the trunk.

but i want to use my caller id from my outbound route because i have different caller id, for example dialing with 18xxx xxx xxxx will have different caller id:

Put one on the trunk to make people and the system happy.

It does not override anything already set unless you tell it to.

You set outbound CID on the extension, then the outbound route, then trunk, then at the provider.

My users needs to dial with different caller id because we have different businesses, so what is my solution?

You use prefix dialing patterns and force set the CID on the outbound route.

But you still want one on the trunk. Just in case some unexpected dial plan sends a call out without a CID.

I can call with prefixes but the only issue is that if i receive inbound calls and transfer to an external number than i have issue. I figure it out with ring group but i need to create every number that i want to transfer in the ring group, i thought maybe there is an easy solution

this way i can transfer an incoming call but i need to add every number that i want to transfer

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