Transfer call to external number depending on the weekday


I have 2 trunks in my freePBX. One is only for inbound use, the other one only for outbound use. I want that an inbound call will be transfered to an external number, depending on the day of the week (e.g. monday transfered to Laura, tuesday transfered to Carol…). I already achieved this using custom destinations and time conditions. However its quite a hassle to manage this scheme if you want to reorganize the weekday-person assignation from time to time.

Anyway, something I could not yet figure out is how can the inbound call be answered automatically and music being played until the respective person picks up their phone.
And another thing. How do I set up that if Laura (which is supposed to get the call on monday) doesn’t answer the call within 30 seconds, the call is being transferred to Carol, and then to the next one…?

I would do it with a queue and raise the penalties to try the next person. The queue logins will have to happen manually or create a queue according to the schedule.

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How about using a dynamic route, with a day of week sql statment for the first part? That will keep the configuration in the GUI, making it easier to manage in my opinion.

Dynamic Routes Module - PBX GUI - Documentation (

MySQL DAYOFWEEK() function - w3resource

From the dynamic route, you could send the call to queues as @PitzKey suggests or use ringgroups (whichever better meets your need). Both will let the caller hear hold music until the call is answered.

Ring Groups Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Queues Module User Guide - PBX GUI - Documentation (

Another option still is to create an extension for each person on the PBX and use the find me follow me (FMFM) to add their external number and the external numbers to call if they don’t pick up, FMFM has ring stratgies, and allows for hold music instead of ringing.

Extensions Module - PJSIP Extension - PBX GUI - Documentation (

All of these options require no custom destinations or code and keep everything in the GUI.

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