Transfer Call issue


We have a situation where the operator call a conference service and transfer the call internally to an extension.
So far so good.
Then he calls another time the same number and tranfer it to another extension
So far so good
When he tries to call again the same number we have a fast busy signal and cannot complete the call.
but we can call another number with no problem.

Do you know if we have a call limit to call the same number.

Any idea?

best regards

Depends on the remote end’s configuration. Your log files will give you more information (/var/log/asterisk/full) about why the third call is failing.

If this is something you do regularly, you might consider setting up a local conference and connecting that to the remote conference. That way, all of your local machines can connect to the local conference and share one connection to the remote conference server.

thanks for the reply,
We cannot use the internal conference, because of International participant.

I opened a ticket with my provider to see if it’s on their side…

I’ll update later