Transfer call at agent disconnect to AGI

I want to be able to run a survey after our agent disconnects.

I don’t want the agent to forward the call to an ext or queue or agi because they would only xfer the calls that would give them good reviews.

After each call an agent takes (i will pre-announce to caller in the queue) I want to send that call at agent disconnect automatically to a ‘quality of service’ survey where the caller can rate the quality of the call.

Taking the DTMF digits and putting them in a database thereby having real-time stats of how well our agents are doing. We have the database part down now we
to figure out how to send the call to the survey on ‘agent disconnect’.

Thanks for your comments!


I have not tried this, and can not at this point, just thinking out loud here.

I am interested in the setup, as we considered doing the same thing, only with a manual transfer. I like your idea of making it automatic.

However, to do the agent-hangup transfer you are looking for, I’m thinking you may need a custom context with dialplan scripting that checks for the agent to hangup first, and if so, initiate a transfer to the survey.

Maybe override the [macro-hangupcall] section of extensions.conf? Currently it finalizes CDR stuff, cleanups up RG, BLVM, and DND flags, and then hangs up. Ooo, sorry, I’m using a Trxbox CE installation, your setup may be different.

But, it looks like inserting a call to your survey before the final hangup process is called may do the trick.

Please, keep us posted, I think others may be interested in the results.


Any idea on how to solve this? i need to the the same