Transfer call after voice recorfing

hi all.

i have one question, ofcourse, but first sorry for my english, it’s not my native language :slight_smile:
and there is q: is there a way for a incoming call to be routed/transferred to an extension after leaving voice mai?

example: incoming call -> announcement (you reached my firm…) -> ring -> if no answer after 10-15 secs go to voicemail and record message -> call forwarded to other extension.

freepbx is latest version.

thanx in advance :slight_smile:

greetings from flooded croatia :smiley:


Invoking my name? Never had anyone do that.

I don’t know an easy way.

sorry if i offended you, that was not my intention.
or i’m just lost in translation :slight_smile:
you was first person i can think of that might be helpfull because your (and few others) advices, tips and solutions really helped me in past years.
and thank you for that, too.
it’s my first post here because, untill now, i never had such a problem that couldn’t be resolved by searching forums and applying knowledge acquired here.

i’ll keep digging :slight_smile:

No I was just being funny, as I said no easy way to do what you want.

thnx :slight_smile:

Perhaps setting


in /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf wold be the cleanest way. Just write [yourcustomcontext] to suit your needs