Transfer by # works on Internal Calls between extensions, external callers gets hung up on

I have PiaF 1.4 box with 2 extensions from a Cisco ATA186, and 1 thru a SPA1001, all using Panasonic Cordless phones.

Have setup call transfer on #. It works perfectly b/w internal extensions… while on an internal call, I can press #, and hear “Transfer”, and the other internal extension starts hearing MoH, I can then dial another extension number (or conference number) and it works, the call gets transferred.

Now, when I receive an external call on a DID from VoipTalk setup on a SIP trunk, everything goes smoothly till the point of pressing #, I hear “Transfer”, the external caller starts getting MoH, I dial the new extension, and then, the external caller just gets hung up on.

Have Tt in the dial command under general settings.

What am I missing?.


You may not be passing in-call DTMF. Is there a setting on the ATA 186 to change the DTMF to inband? That is worth a try.

If you are using inband DTMF, don’t use any compressed codecs. Stick with ULAW or ALAW.

EDIT: Now that I have reread the original post, this probably isn’t the issue, but still worth a tinker.


I would’ve suspected DTMF as well, however, transfer work fine on internal extension, so doesn’t seem to be that issue.

Any other ideas?.


Do you also have Tt in the Asterisk Outbound Dial command options: under general settings?

Yes John,

Currently, These the two two settings u

Asterisk Dial command options: TtrwW
Asterisk Outbound Dial command options: TtWw

Could the Outbound Dial Command be the culprit?.

Thanks for looking into this.


Can you post some CLI output on a failed call?


I took a FreePBX backup of the current set-up. Rre-installed PiaF 1.3 on

1: An ancient Gateway PIII laptop with 512 MB RAM
2: A relatively new HP Core2Duo Laptop with 1 GB RAM.

On both machines I basically just copied the orginal backup .tar file and restored, and call transfer worked perfectly on both the machines!!!

I did do a trace on the CLI on the original offending machine, but, it didn’t show anything untoward, just a sudden hangup.!