Transfer Announcment

Hello all,

Is it possible to play announcement when transferring a call to a extension with the destination information?

For example:

101 Transfers to 106, it should play something like “Transferring to, Extension ONE ZERO SIX” (or it should say 106’s name/Voicemail Name)


You could create multiple announcements, then make a misc. Application for each extension. Then transfer to that Misc. Application

Bad idea,

  1. Not with a environment with much extensions.

  2. How you gonna make BLF keys work?

You would do this with custom code. All transferred calls automatically use the context as set in the Global variable “TRANSFER_CONTEXT”. You can redefine that global to a context of your own, and write whatever you want before proceeding to the existing FreePBX transfer context.

This is the type of thing we do in paid support if you have budge for it.

Thanks for your response!

Can you please share where i can locate this file to modify the script?

Thank you

Go to your Advanced Settings and find out what context you are using for your TRANSFER_CONTEXT.

From the console, “grep” the context your system is currently using for its TRANSFER_CONTEXT using the command

grep “context_name” /etc/asterisk/* /etc/asterisk//

Copy the text of that context to the FreePBX Override configuration file and update your context to make things happen.

The fact that you need to ask the question makes it sound like you should probably ask the Sangoma guys to help you.