Transfer active call stuck in ivr to extension with feature code?


I barge could work! I forgot all about that option

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Was on hold with Air Canada Friday for 3 hrs and consider myself lucky.

Barge won’t work, the IVR announcements will continue. You should be able to do IVR timeout to Call Flow Control, which then branches between the same IVR and the extension you want to ring. Toggling the CF will allow all calls to the IVR to ring thru.

Queue with breakout IVR will work as well, logging into and out of the queue will allow you to seize the call.


I like it! Thank you!


Is this true in general (a barger cannot send DTMF to a bargee), or is this specific to IVRs or otherwise to this application?


can you transfer to an ivr? they have no destination code. So instead I created a ring group with no members and a destination if no answer to an ivr


thank you all very much! I have two systems that will work now! the call flow control seems like the easiest option to make this work and it works great!

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That is what a misc application is for.

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You’re probably right a barge could work to trigger the xfer. Need to be tested to be sure.