Transfer active call stuck in ivr to extension with feature code?

this is a very weird one, I have an ivr that loops until someone presses a key (like forever). this is by design and works great for it’s need.

but can anyone think of a way to transfer whatever call is currently sitting in the ivr loop to a set extension with a feature code?

thanks for the help!

before anyone gets to the ivr, politely

Thanks for the reply but unfortunately in this case there is constant noise from the phone stuck in the ivr

Crank it up a notch, ask for a verbal response, send the resulting recording to a cloud STT , if the result is NULL ,then likely a BOT so hangup or whatever floats your boat. IWFM with google

…so you have an IVR where people loop endlessly, but you want some way to move someone in there manually to some sort of destination?


That would work… any hints on how to do that? Also IWFM?

You can do this from the CLI with the redirect command. I’ve never tried to tie it into a dialplan, never came up, but you can do it this way

From the CLI you can do this command

You’ll see something like this: (active calls in your system)

pbx02*CLI> core show channels concise

This represents a call, and in this example, is in IVR-13

If you issued the command

channel redirect IAX2/T19_Y238_Y02-2225 app-echo-test,*43,1

That would send the caller to “Echo Test”

Technically this code could be called by another user, parsed and you could transfer them…

Thanks Ill give that a try!

not that its any of my business, but i’ve spent 2 decades avoiding callers from being stuck IVR hell, or allowing anyone to some how toll fraud a system by allowing unlimited connection time to an IVR…
I’m honestly curious why you would want this kind of feature without a chance for the caller to escape?

I sent you a PM

These are not callers ‘per se’ They are increasingly sophisticated bots that are now learning to use STT to ‘fool’ IVR’s , you say “press one for . . . .”, they then press 1.

As yet few ‘real people’ who are deaf and or mute are successfully using the PSTN directly. (Deaf/Dumb folks are well handled by third parties)

So, bearing in mind some robo-callers send a recorded message of indefinite length as soon as THEY get a STT positive response (try it , answer such a call and say nothing) , In my experience, none will reply cohesively to a polite question, If for example you ask them to confirm the day of week or month, then in less than a second the cloud can confirm or deny a) the caller is listening and b) as a second level if wanted, blacklist/tag ‘listeners’ that are not apparently sentient.

I would love if I could get it to work based on text to speech but hold music and random announcements may cause to big an issue with that.


Canadians are to their benefit notoriously polite and patient, but 8+ hours waiting? :wink:

You probably need a queue as the destination of the IVR , then an available agent (your wife) would answer the very patient caller when she came back from lunch or her long weekend.

Not even mad, great idea and use of the technology.


Right now she just transfer the music on hold to the ivr (though a ring group) then waits till eventually an agent clicks a button and the call gets transferred to her cell.

So what I was hoping was a way to forcibly retrieve the call from the ivr to check and make sure everything is working fine then probably transfer is back to the ivr.

Seriously, you need to use queues not ring groups. That is exactly what they are designed for, hold a caller politely until someone can handle the call, if after 40 hours of being too busy to answer the call, you can ask the caller to leave a voicemail and your wife will call her back

If that’s the only call on the system, dialing 555 (chan_spy) will let you listen to see if you’re still properly on hold. Or, create a similar one that does a barge and you could then press a key to kick the IVR.

I think you’re misunderstanding. My wife is the One on hold. She’s the end user. She needs to speak to an airline and when she calls they stick her on hold for 8+ hours. She transfers the airlines music on hold to the ivr then when an airline agent picks up they hear her saying please press a button to alert me that my call has been answered and it then transfers the call to her cell phone.

The ring group is just because you can’t transfer to an ivr so I use an empty ring group to get into the ivr.

I see, but why can’t you send the call directly to ivr-n?