Transfer a call to voicemail or to another phone


I’m using a dialplan which is configured that if a phone ( we have only Linksys Ip Phone SPA942 ) is set on do not disturb, or if it is busy, the call directly get to another extension.

The problem is that someone would like that if he is not here, he can manually transfer to the other extension, OR choose to go directly that the call end on his voicemail.

So i would like to know if i can use a Call Forward to the Voicemail of the person, and if yes, how can i do it ?

Or how can he choose between the two things ?

He can’t access to the administration of FreePBX, so he have to do it directly from his phone. I want to configure it to do it easily.

Thank you for helping me,


If you’d like, you can have the user set his phone to forward incoming calls to his voicemail by forwarding to *. For example, if your user is extension 100, you would forward calls to *100. This would automatically send the callers to voicemail. You can use the forward feature on the Linksys phone or the various call forwarding features in FreePBX such as *72 (call forward all), *90 (call forward busy), *52 (Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable).

You can see all of the feature codes of FreePBX by going to where is the IP address of your FreePBX server.

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Well thank you for your reply. I was thinking i had found an answer to my problem, but seems not : even what you replyed me don’t work, as it work only when the phone is not in a group. For exemple, i have my phone alone, it work well, but i have 3 other phones that have rules on it to follow between them, the call forward don’t work. Seems like the forward between phones is forced instead of the call forward to the voicemail.

Is there something maybe i need to change in FreePBX ?

Thanks again,