Tranferring IVR from home built to Sangoma Freepbx 100 phone system

Hello All,

I am getting ready to start up a new Sangoma FreePBX phone system 100. I already have a functioning home built FreePBX and I want to transfer the system over except for the PRI card software as I went with a Sangoma for the new FreePBX and the old FreePBX uses a Digium PRI card. I also have a recovered FreePBX VM that has a old but functional IVR I would like to steal.

So first question is what DB or file do I need to stop from transferring over so I do not get the digium PRI card software on the new PBX?

Second question is what file or DB do I need to take from the PBX VM to get just the IVR off of it?

Your input is much appreciated!

Nick. has been pretty handy in simple moves

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Thanks for the reply James!

I read some of that article and it seems to be for moving from other PBX software to FreePBX. Booth my new and old system are FreePBX. I am sure I can get the transfer done just hoping to get specfic files from the old PBX not everything.

So were the old systems that this is intended to serve.

The systems in question were FreePBX “clones(?)”/derivatives that people repackaged with various parts added or disabled to achieve some specific goal or goals. Since those clones are no longer supported, the script brings those systems “back into the fold.”

Ahhh gotcha Dave,

SO these are examples of pulling out of date modules into the new FreePBX?


I have successfully transferred all files and DBs over. I am having an issue however. When I transferred over the IVR files over they show in asterisk but not in the GUI. Any reason why they wouldn’t? and is it possible to fix this?

Thanks for your help!