Does anyone know the best training for FreePBX? I do not need to know Asterisk but I need to know the ins and outs of FreePBX. I plan on attending this one when it is announced:

But I need something in the meantime.


Yeah…you just missed the last one. I don’t know of anything in the meantime, your best bet is this forum and Google for specific problems.

Not only is OTTS the best (as it is conducted by the FreePBX developers) as far as I know it is the ONLY such formal training.


Where are you located? If you have more than one participant there might be other options.

You do need to know the basics of Asterisk to be an effective FreePBX administrator. After all FreePBX does not do anything without Asterisk!

In Ohio.

I am more the tier 1 support for our clients. Provisioning phones and troubleshooting basic issues. I do not do anything inside of Asterisk itself, we have a tier 2 support for that. I am just looking for something that will step by step walk me through FreePBX and explain the functionality and the purpose of each module.

Your getting warmer. Where in Ohio? I am based out of Lorain County. We have hosted the training at Polaris Career academy in the past.

We are in Toledo. Do you have training coming up? Do you have a website?

Send me a PM with your contact info and I will get back to you tomorrow.