Training Needed

In need of training for day-to-day management of FreePBX. The servers are hosted and maintained by a communications company, but the management of users, call routing, etc will be my responsibility. I have a good knowledge of queues, ringgroups, extensions, and stuff like that as I currently manage the company’s hosted system, but FreePBX is a new thing for me. Willing to travel. Also needing it within the next month if I can find it. Thanks in advance. Google searches are not providing any results and I know I just missed the seminar…Bummed about that …

You are where?

Thanks for the reply. I am in Kentucky. Willing to travel. Under a time constraint to familiarize within a couple of months.

Where are you located? I have an employee that needs training also. I can see if Tony wants to do a compressed class.

I am hoping you are in US.

In Kentucky. Dont know what happened with the post…Willing to travel

We are working on the next OTTS training class for May. Thinking Phoenix right now. Should have more details in the next week.

Phoenix! Excellent! Want to attend OTTS again!


Thanks for the heads up. I will certainly attend. I am still trying to find training before that time period as the business decision for the deployment drives my timetable a little faster…Thanks again.

Any luck here? Thanks.