Traditional Lines

Is it possible to configure FreePBX to make lines show up as a traditional phone system. For example, if line 1 is in use, it shows up on all phones connected to the system. I understand things are moving more to the parked thing, but I find that this might be convenient sometimes.

You can’t do this. Shared line appearance is not supported.

We’ve had many debates about this in the past. There are third party customizations that you can use with Aastra phones to simulate this effect.

However, my feeling remains that you’re trying to fit “coal powered locomotive” technology into a Learjet. SLA’s were necessitated by physical wires, which limited each phone to a certain # of lines.

With VOIP, there is no such thing as a line. There are channels and phone numbers. Each phone can usually handle four channels, and an infinite number of phone numbers. Why force them to marry, when they don’t need to?