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I’m having an issue for a customer using FreePBX 15.0.24. They have their main number set up with an IVR extension that rings through to a couple of Ring Groups before going to an extension’s voicemail.

There is a particular user who intermittently receives those main number calls on her cell phone. It seems like it may be when the caller presses 0 at a certain point in the process, but I have not been able to replicate the issue myself. This user is not included anywhere in the main number process, nor can I find her cell phone number anywhere in the configuration settings.

I have this screenshot from a call log of one that went to the user’s cell phone (details redacted for privacy) but I’m not too sure how to parse it - can anyone explain what’s going on?
Logs in the screenshot are earliest at the bottom, just like the default call log view.
I am also not sure what that 901527 extension is; I can find it by using the global search, and it seems to be a normal extension, but when I go to Applications->Extensions and search for it there it doesn’t show up at all.

Read and provide a log of the call in question.

Unfortunately I can’t post links yet due to forum seniority, but I have the logs of one such mis-routed call in the freepbx pastebin, id f74844fd

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Automatic Pastebin from Sangoma OS 7 - FreePBX Pastebin

Line 876

[2022-10-31 14:00:43] VERBOSE[14210][C-00001846] app_dial.c: Now forwarding SIP/BULKVS_OUTBOUND-00000d87 to 'Local/[email protected]' (thanks to PJSIP/1521-000014cf)

“Thanks to PJSIP/1521”, looks like there is local config at ext 1521 that’s forcing the redirect. They are part of ring group 3907.

That does seem to be the case, but I cannot see anything under the config at ext 1521 that references the number. I would expect that to be under the “Find Me/Follow Me,” but extension 1521 has the following:

and extension 1621 just has this:


Has the device at ext 1521 been configured locally to forward calls?

Excellent suggestion, thanks for pointing me in that direction! We checked the desk phone for ext 1521 and found it did indeed have the user’s cell number programmed as a call forward destination. We removed that and tested and confirmed we’re good to go. Thanks for the help!

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