Track DID numbers called

We would like to use some of our DID numbers for marketing, they will not be tied to an extension and will just route to a queue. However we would like to be able to bring up a report of how many times that DID number was called directly. In the reporting we just can see the destination not the number dialed.
Am I missing something? Or is that not an option in the current system?

If anyone is aware of an additional module that can be loaded and give us this information.

I’ve been told that the cdr report will contain DID information, in the new 2.10 release, I cannot confirm this since I’m having issues installing the new distro

Yes in 2.10 the CDR reports have what DID was dialed.

I have a server that is still running FreePBX 2.8.1. Is there any way for me to get this information through this version?

Yes, by updating your FreePBX

Since FreePBX CDRs show incoming caller ID, what if you put a CID prefix on the inbound route? I think it would show up in the reports and give you something to filter on.

Why would you just not update to the latest FreePBX?

If you just must do this there are old trixbox docs online that show you how to write a custom context to move the DID and/or the referrer to the user fields.

Especially in a commercial environment, a lot of people are reluctant to upgrade unless something is actually broken. Going from one FreePBX version to another is a huge change to the dialplan and can have unexpected side effects. Constantly upgrading is a fine strategy for the home user, but in a corporate setting must be done carefully.

Yes, and I am a firm believer in testing, however 2.10 was a monumental release in terms of features and interface paradigm. If you need features that are on the roadmap you need to have a strategy for upgrading.