Trac Downtime

UPDATE: The migration to Jira went perfectly!

Good News Everyone!

This coming Sunday (August 4th) our old bug tracking system will experience some down time after 6pm PST. We will finally be migrating to JIRA at the new address of Any old Trac links will redirect to the new location automatically. During this transition time Trac and Jira will both be down for maintenance while we perform the migration and upgrades. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

This is the first step in our "Road To Github" initiative.

PS. Attachments will finally work again. I know, I know. It's been too long.

Thanks for supporting FreePBX,
Schmoozecom, Inc/FreePBX

If you haven’t navigated to check on progress, the Jira system is up and working and it looks like 100% of all original tickets were able to migrate over. Andrew also put a lot of effort into conversion scripts to try to get various ticket links and where possible change set links within the tickets to migrate as well.

Kudos to Andrew for the great work!

Unfortunately, even after trying to rest my password, I’m unable to login, and judging from the error message it looks like a permissions problem.


If you are logged in here you are logged in automatically there. People have been posting issues this whole weekend to the bug tracker so I do know it’s working. I see your account is now in a locked state. I am unsure how you were able to login here but not there and IF it’s been a while since you’ve been to the site (I would say first time logging in since April) then you will find you will need to wait 10 minutes for the system to synchronize your account across the system.

In the end your account looks fine to me right now.

Edit: Just wanted to say I went through the backend system and modified some parameters which should make it easier to tell when you are logged in vs not in regards to resetting passwords.

All good now, thanks.

Glad to hear!