Total call count is combining over different queues for agents who are part of multiple queues

I have multiple queues and some agents that are dynamic members of more than 1. It looks like the call count for each agent is a total of all calls taken from any queue, and not for that specific queue. This is causing our calls for some queues to be unevenly distributed to queue members.

x401, x402, x403 are dynamic members of the customer service queue (using leastrecent).
x401, x402, x403, x420, x421 are dynamic members of the payment queue (using leastrecent).

The customer service queue has calls constantly and x401, x402, x403 are racking up their call counts and least recent call seconds.

The problem is that when someone calls into the payment queue, all calls go to x420, x421 and never get to x401, x402, x403 because the call counts are not separate by queue, but appear to be cumulative across all queues that an agent is a member of.

Is there a way to keep the stats separate so that the calls can be evenly distributed by queue, regardless of activity in another queue? I am getting crazy grief from the users on our PBX and I can’t find any setting that can help me.

Thank you!


When looking at the queue hints for “Ring Strategy:”, I see that it does explain that the counts should work as I would expect, but they really don’t (for me anyway). “… by this queue”, “… from this queue”

No thoughts here? :frowning:

I think part of your issue on not getting a reply is this would be a Asterisk issue not a FreePBX issue as Asterisk handles all this logic and rules direct in app_queue and not anything we have control over. I would start asking and bug reporting with Asterisk

Thanks Tony. I thought that since I have a normal install of the Distro that, possibly, someone might have an idea as to what is going on. At least let me know if this is normal behavior and I am beating a dead horse. I have no crazy customization at all. Everything is through the GUI in FreePBX. We didn’t go over multiple queues with the same members in the class last year, and I have never needed it until now. I have been reading everything that I can find and I can’t find an answer. :frowning: