Tornado Buzzing Static

So Ive heard this a few times. Awful loud buzzing hum on a call. Dont think there is any actual audio just this awful noise. Ive seen it on the latest astetisk 13 and 16.
The only thing in common is SRTP. Is this an encryption error? Anyone else seen this? Doesnt happen often enough to capture.

Can you give some more details on when the sound is happening? When it occurs, is it from the start of the call, or does it begin during a call where things were previously sounding fine? Do both parties hear the sound?

Definitely at the start of the call but I did not listen to see if it showed up on the other end. Listening to the sounds here it sounded most like the Motor Sound. I tried to see if I had a recording of it but I did not. Next time I’ll get log details. Cisco says the Motor sound is caused by Symptom - A motor sound is a severe distortion or a loud, rough, beating sound.
Cause - A common cause is a fast switched cRTP bug. Cisco bug ID CSCdw73527 (registered customers only) “no ip route-cache” provides the workaround for this problem.

I’m sure that’s a cisco Propritary problem, if that’s what I heard. I know it’s not a ton to go on to solve, I was more or less seeing if anyone’s run into it before with TLS.

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