Top - fail2ban-server is maxing out CPU


I am running distro 2.11.0 with 6 yealink phones. I logged into the admin site of the server. the CPU was maxed out. I logged onto the box thur putty.

The phones constantly beep as if there were VM’s but I can not log into VM.

top - fail2ban-server is maxing out CPU.

I havent touched this box in a couple months and no one else does any updates. so as far as I know nothing has been touched. I did do a “Yum update” and fail2ban was in the updates list.

Any ideas at where to start looking

Many thanks in advance


Can anyone help? Now all my hard drive has filled up all most. Have I missed a post that explains this?

Please visit to properly update your system. The FreePBX distro is upgraded through scripts in conjunction with yum