Tools Tab is empty .. FPBX

I just upgraded to Free PBX 2.3.1 yesterday. It looked wonderful… Installation went great, and I was using it. I decided to modify my SQL and Asterisk Manger passwords per the FAQ’s and it went well, except the tools tab on my freepbx page is now empty.

Does anyone have a clue why it disappeared? The tab is there, but when I click on it, all that is under it is the status and support buttons. The rest are no longer there.

Well the quick thing would be change it all back and see if it fixes itself. If it does then you missed changing a location and/or had a typo someplace.

The next thing is to double check that you have changed all the proper locations. For the tool tab I think that the mysql password being set incorrectly would effect that as it would not be able to query the DB for which modules were loaded and enabled. But I’ve not dug into that part of the code to be sure.

I tried that, even did a reinstall of FREEPBX that reset all of my passwords to the defaults, but the tools tab remained empty. Any suggestions willl be welcome, I have exhausted all of my ideas other than somehow manually deleting all of FREEBPX and resinalling it.