Too much delay in IAX2 calltoken timestamp from address

[2018-06-10 21:47:31] WARNING[18226]: chan_iax2.c:5005 handle_call_token: Too much delay in IAX2 calltoken timestamp from address

I ran the conversion tool to move a 2.11 PIAF install to the 7 distro. I have another PIAF install on the same host connecting via IAX. Both set to sync time from the host. However, there’s too much delay.

How can I further troubleshoot this? I set calltokenoptional= on both PBXes and set requirecalltoken=no on both extension and trunk settings.

Choose one as your ntpd server, and so set it up, use that master as the source of ntp of the other., it’s not anything to do with voip, just your network. But likely you have a basic error in the knowledge of time of one voip server v the other one

What is the tolerance? They’re off by 0.028350 seconds.

[[email protected] mhammett]# ntpdate -q
server, stratum 3, offset 0.028350, delay 0.02592
11 Jun 08:37:06 ntpdate[4189]: adjust time server offset 0.028350 sec

What does

iax2 set debug peer (the other one)

On both boxes show?

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