Too many dial plans?


I am using:

Incredible PBX 4.11.4 for RasPBX on a Beagle Bone Black

Asterisk: 11.13.


I am setting up a SPA3102 ATA to connect to my PSTN line. I am replicating the process I used on two other SPA3102. Both several years ago.

I am having problems with the GUI in setting up the trunk and out bound routes. For example I create a route, use the dial pattern wizard (Lookup local prefixes) for my exchange, add trunks and click submit. This deletes all the trunks. I noticed that there were more patterns than my previous setups. Deleting patterns eventually allow me to save the trunks. I think using 50586 generates ~300 patterns. Deleting half seems to fix it.

I looked in extensions_additional.conf and see the dial patterns.

I tried using the wizard in the trunk deletes the trunk name and details.

What am I doing wrong?


I also have a SPA3102 in production connecting PSTN line to raspbx on raspberry pi
Why not keep it simple. I have the end user just enter 10digits

Local, long distance, and 800 = 10digits.

Dial plan like

I’ve had pstn providers that required 1 for long distance. Instead of struggling with dial plan creation to accommodate local vs long distance dialing, i called the provider and had them change to allow 10digit for everything

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Thanks for your reply.

The issue does not really impact me. I can receive calls from the ATA. I use Google Voice for the out-bound calls. I wanted to use the PSTN for a secondary link. Your solution would almost work if it were not for my wife factor. :smiley: I have the GV trunk handle all calls like the PSTN does. This is easy since all I do is add the 1505 to the NXXXXXXX. My solution was to add a CallWithUs trunk and use it as a secondary trunk.

In the past it was that hard to do what I do. Looking at the asterisk configuration files, it appears that the trunk information is lost. I was hoping that someone would say they see the same thing.

I use the PSTN for 911 and information using two separate routes.

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When I searched the FreePBX site, I apparently did not check the bug reports. :blush: This is an issue that is scheduled to be address in version 12.

My long term plans are to port the number to a VoIP Provider. In the interim, I may look into figuring out how add a custom route that does not get overwritten.


Not sure what bug report you are referencing but it was already fixed. It’s not scheduled it’s completed.

This is in 12 only