Too Late Message played when it should have

I have 4 cell phone numbers in a ring group. Ring strategy is hunt, ring duration is 30 seconds. Today I had a call hit the 3rd cell phone, which answered and pressed 1 to connect the call 19 seconds in to that leg of the call. It should have connected, but instead the “too late” message was played and the system closed that outbound channel and opened a new one to call the 4th cell phone. This is all according to the log file.

The call should have been connected. All modules are running the latest versions from the standard repository and all RPMs are up to date as of today.

I remember a long time ago this was an issue with queues as well. Can you try a queue and see if it also happens there?

I saw that issue too before I posted. Figured it was long since fixed. I’ll give a queue a go, good idea.

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