Tone from FRANCE don't work on my system?


Hi guys,

So I have a FreePBX system in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Everything works perfect.

I have trunks, income routes and and IVR set up.

Recently, I’ve added a French (as in FRANCE) DID to my trunk, so some customers we have in FRANCE can call us “locally”.

When they do, the DID is “route to main” so it enters the system, gets transferred to to the IVR and everything’s good.

Now the PROBLEM IS : whatever they press (like an extension number or an IVR option) does not work !

So they hear the IVR but they’re stuck there.

I’m guessing it has to do with the tones used in France or something?

I’m not sure what’s up with that…

Any idea how to fix this ?


DTMF tones are an international standard.

DTMF tones only really work with G.711 (mu-law and A-law) codecs. If these are not being used, SIP has alternative means of transmitting the DTMF. Your trunk may be completely broken with regard to DTMF or you may have the wrong setting at your end.


So how would I make is so one of my trunk is configured for ALAW ?

For SIP, make it the only allowed codec. For DAHDI, I think you have to set it in system.conf (but if you have it wrong, audio will be totally garbled).

It’s SIP

So I went in PEER details and USER contact and set it like that :


Now I have to wait for a call !