and FreePBX

i have a toktumi account for a tollfree number (excellent place to get a toll free number only $15/mo and unlimited everything)

my for my current deployment i have pretty much followed the instructions here

the install is on a VMware machine.

i’m using Google Voice for the main inbound and outbound trunks and google/voice account for faxing.

i got the toll free number from toktumi and have directed to the google voice number setup in the PBX and everything works great except for the CID, intra company Soft phone to soft phone show the proper CID values from the ring groups and the pass from the toll free number but i can’t modify the CID values for the Google voice account on outbound calls to display the toktumi number.

my goal is to have the Toktumi number be the main point of entry for customers calling in and when someone places a outbound call the CID would be that of the Toktumi Number.