Toggle off Sangoma splash screen during Distro installation

Is there a way to toggle off the Sangoma splash screen during the SNG7-PBX16-64bit-2201-3 installation?
I built a new box that boots to the bios just fine, no add in cards. Chose the Asterisk 16 (recommended) without edits or options. After a few minutes of cd/hdd activity the install seems to hang.
I see nothing but the otherwise blank Sangoma splash screen. If I could see the command prompt interface screen instead I might see what is or is not occurring.
I did check the iso download MD5 sum and it matches.

At the console, ALT-F1 through F7 (just try them all; I forget what’s what) will get you to various log outputs as well as a root shell where you can issue some diagnostic commands.

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At the Sangoma installation splash screen, installation after 40 minutes shows no activity.
No combination of ALT-Fx, or Ctrl-Fx affects it.
Last install attempt, it did a hard reboot and it did show boot screen for sangoma os, but then I got just a blank monitor screen.

I wonder whether (in both cases) it’s outputting to serial rather than to the video console.

I chose VGA output only for installation.
It sticks at the Sangoma splash screen, so I do see video out.

When I was using an old analog output from a video card (which I afterwards pulled) during my first installation attempt, it would give a console screen with a scrolling list of processes, but then after a couple minutes I received a monitor error that “the current input is not supported by the monitor display”. I tried a couple different working monitors, different brands with the same issue.
That’s when I pulled the video card, an older Rhino analog card, just used the onboard mobo hdmi output.

Typically, for pretty much all versions of Linux, you simply hit the escape key to toggle between the splash screen and the loading screen.

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