Today, all D60s suddenly lost connection

Today, after many month of operation + with absolutely no configuration changes, all our Sangoma D60 phones lost their connection (displaying the yellow triangle in the upper right corner).

The D80s however, also connected via TLS and port 5061, have no such issues.

A possible certificate problem comes to mind, but according to

openssl s_client -connect < /dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -text

everything seems fine.

With Transport set to “Auto” instead of “” and Media Encryption to “None” instead of “SRTP via IN-STP” in Extension/Advanced, the D60 phones connect over UDP and port 5060 but have no phone book or anything else.

No usable error messages anywhere, neither in asterisk.log not even with tcpdump. What is happening? What is it suddenly with D60s and TLS?

Kombi, you need to turn on “use unsafe certs” (or along the lines of that) in the phone and everything will work again.

That even though it worked for many months and the cert’s still well before expiry. Might be an issue with the local certs in those phones (as in many phones)

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