To yum or not to yum

I though I read somewhere that you should use module admin to update packages (FreePBX) as opposed to using yum. However, even when all packages are up-to-date yum is still showing a considerable number of out-of-date packages(system). Is it the case that module admin should be used first to update FreePBX before using yum to update the system?

How did you build your system? Distro or by hand. What version are you running?

FreePBX Distro 1.811.210.57

Don’t touch yum.

You are confusing the FreePBX software with the FreePBX distro. Two different projects.

FreePBX can be updated via the GUI module admin or module_admin.

FreePBX distro publishes update scripts. See the sticky post in the top of the distro forum.