To webmin or not to webmin

I have had a FreePBX box for six month or so. During which time there have been various upgrades. With FreePBX now modifying CentOS 6.5 to their own branding (FreePBXos or something, I forget) do I want to webmin or not?

When I first started the FreePBX box I was on webmin v1.660, upgraded to 1.670 when I upgraded to CentOS 6.5. Recently I got notification that webmin 1.680 was available and I upgraded. Suddenly I was not receiving the “software upgrade” link on the webmin system information page but, I was receiving notification emails that various program upgrades were available. Without the upgrade link it is difficult to upgrade. (The idea being that webmin makes upgrading easier.)

So, I turned to the webmin forum for help and the last suggestion, over there, was to un-install webmin and re-install it. After I un-installed webmin-1.680-1.noarch I then tried to “yum install webmin” and was told that “no webimn package available.” Then I got more specific and tried “yum install webmin-1.680-1.noarch” and was again told “no webmin-1.680-1.noarch program available.”

Does this mean I should not run webmin anymore?

We have never included webmin RPMs in our repos as far as I can see. So you must of gotten it from somewhere else originally.

Had I kept better notes than I would have known where I got webmin.

Thanks for your answer. Time to learn more about yum.

I think you simply don’t have Webmin repo in your yum.repo.list in CentOS box.
FreePBX distro has no webmin, it is customized CentOS with it’s GUI to run PBX. What you have I think is CentOS with FreePBX installed on it, so you had also installed webmin for CentOS administration, if you use the server only for PBX I will recommend to clean install FreePBX distro, you won’t need any additional things.

Or if you use the server box for any additional things, simply check the yum.repo.list for Webmin repository or add it again and try to istall again.
See this link: Installing Webmin

This box is specifically a FreePBX distro. Their iso is how I built it and somewhere I added webmin. Personally I don’t care if I have webmin or not. No, this box does NOT do anything besides Asterisk so, I do not need webmin for any specific reason. So, I am not too worried, one way or the other if I have or don’t have webmin. Might use it somewhere else but, from now on, not on this box anymore.

Let’s all consider this thread closed. Thank you for your input.