To quickly configure many phones

The possibility of managing some customers with over 100 extensions is being presented.

It does not scare me to create extensions, I know I can do it even from properly prepared files

But setting up 100 or 200 phones puts me in trouble …

Quacuno has some suggestions to speed up the procedures, I will probably use some GXP2135 grandstream or similar

Thanks for the support

Buy EPM commercial module and use phones which are supported by EPM (afaik grandstream phones should be…) it is worth it for such many phones.

Or you can make some tools (grandstream has xml configuration file generator tool on their website) and generate phone config files pseudo-automatically. But I would recommend this only for few phones (about 10).

buy EPM commercial.
I have a lot of gxp2130, gxp2160 and gxp2135.

No problem with EPM commercial.

thanks, at the moment that I will leave with a big customer I will take EPM seems the best solution

Remember that setting up the phones is just half of your installation. You also need the Bulk Handler to set up the extensions with all of the options you are going to need, plus you might need to import a lot of information into UCP.

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