/tmp/backup folder filling entire PBX

anyone know what this is? Located /tmp/backup

When I try to backup to my NAS I get

In Filesystem.php line 104:

Failed to create “/tmp/backup/a1052603-6cbd-4684-97d9-160dac1224a8”: mkdir(
): No such file or directory.

would you mind publishing your filestore settings and/or your backup-settings screenshot using filestore-settings as your backup-target? It looks like the target is not accepting the (temp-)backup file to be written. In case of FTP wrong user or PW is often the case or wrong slash/backslash.

Hi @sentinelace,
It is not a good idea to use “/tmp” as a path, as PHP can make this directory not correspond to /tmp in your system’s root directory.
You can create a /backup directory and associate as owner the asterisk user and have the backup saved to that location.

the *.tar.gz files in /tmp should disappear on successful completion.

I am not backing up to /tmp lol. I believe the issue has been resolved. We backup to an offsite NAS device and somehow the connection got “broken” and it randomly said, I guess I’ll backup to /tmp instead or it wasn’t completing as dicko pointed out

Well, you are not backing up to /tmp but freepbx uses /tmp as a staging post, on a successful job completeion the tsr.zip file will be moved to your ‘filestore’, if it can’t, and that you have discovered, it will remain in the /tmp/ limbo.

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