TLS - call fails from tls to tls and udp to tls, tls to udp works

Hi all, Freepbx 12 asterisk 11.21
Remote phone with TLS (transport=all, TLS primary) registers with the phone system.
This phone is able to make calls to extensions that have transport=All, UDP primary. But, tls phone to another tls phone fails. Both have transport=all. TLS primary. Also, calls from other “all, UDP primary” extensions to this tls phone fails.

SIP error code given is 488 not acceptable here…
any ideas?

488 is usually given on codec mismatch. Check your codec lists on all the devices.

The other possibility of codec mismatch is AVP/SAVP (normal media or secured media). If an endpoint requires media encryption and the other party doesn’t support it, you might get a 488 as the rejection cause.

Media encryption is set to none for all extensions.

There are no codecs defined at the extension level. Allowed codecs in General sip settings is ulaw and g722.

The issue is resolved. There are 2 parameters in freepbx 12 for encryption…one is media encryption and the other is enable encryption… I just had to modify these settings to fix this…