Tip Reqest: Answer, Play Message, Transfer


I have changed my public phone number, and I have a couple of weeks where I will be running both trunks inbound.

Currently, any inbound calls are put straight through to an internal extension. What I would like to do is for any calls coming through on the old trunk to be answered, played a short message informing of the new phone number, then transferring through to the internal extension as before.

This is freepbx 2.2.1 and Asterisk 1.2.14

Any ideas?



Well, a little more research on my part would have helped.

For anyone else who happens across this post, you can achieve this in a couple of ways depending on what you need.

First you will need the System Recordings modules (unless you want to record by hand). Record your message and save it with an appropriate name.

The Announcements module will play a recording, then move on to another part of the system, so is perfect for this. Create an announcement, select the recording you have recorded earlier, then select where you want the call to go afterwards - such as an extension or voicemail.

If you want to do interactive style applications, then the IVR module will do both a menuing system and will also do a “play recording and go” style scenario: Create an IVR, with an appropriate name, and select the recording you made earlier for the announcement. Set the timeout to zero.

Create two IVR actions, one for “t”, where no response is given, and one for “i” which is for invalid responses - which is all responses. For both of these, put the extension, voicemail or other part of the system you wish the call to go to. When IVR gets the call, it will play the announcement, and whatever happens next, it will move to where you defined.

Obviously the former of these options is the cleanest.

I am a newbie. I have two lines coming into a Trixbox with a Digium card. Have set up IVR for different time conditions.

This is the scenario I need help with:

My receptionist is on Line 1. Call comes in on Line 2. At the moment, she will need to put caller on Line 1 on hold, park the call, pick up Line 2 caller and ask caller to hold, park line 2 then go back to line 1 to continue where she left off.

This is what I ilke happen instead. She is on Line 1. Line 2 comes in. After x number of rings, Line 2 goes to IVR which says “We currently busy attending to …Your call is important to us… Please hold and we will attend to you shortly…”. Line 2 then goes to music on hold for 1 minute then goes to another IVR which says “Your call is important to us… Please continue to hold. We will attend to you shortly…” Line 2 goes back to music on hold for another 1 min etc etc.

Would appreciate help as to how to achieve the above.