Tiny bug / note. Removal of MAC address from extension list on other tab fails

If you add an extension and then using the other section deploy via EPM but then decide to remove the MAC address after you save and apply config the MAC address reappears.
You can only remove it via the extension mapping of EPM.


Thanks for the note, but this is the wrong place for Bug Reports. Please use the Support tab and submit a bug report with the steps so the “real” programmers can look at it.

Would love to but it’s over 12 months ago we bought it so no active agreement to raise a ticket against.
Unless there is another way to submit bugs thats doesn’t cost me money?

I followed the main guide FYI > sigma portal and then submit ticket, as thats the prescribed way of submitting ticket.

File it here: https://issues.freepbx.org/

with steps to reproduce.

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