## timing


When I try to transfer a call, it seems to be dependent on how quickly I press # keys. It seems to work only if I press the keys as quickly as possible for asterisk to recognize call transfer.

If I press them any slower, the call transfer does not work.

Is there any configuration that I can adjust so that I don’t have to press # keys so quickly?


I’m pretty sure that the call transfer ## timing has nothing to do with FreePBX, and as far as I know, it’s not configurable (but I may be wrong). You could ask in an Asterisk support group or on the #asterisk IRC channel, but fair warning, don’t mention FreePBX (or Trixbox or Elastix or anything other than Asterisk) because some of those guys can be pretty anal if they find out you’re not writing your own dial plans from scratch (IOW doing things the hard way).