Timeout for paging pro?

I bought paging pro for it’s valet feature. Is there any way to set a timeout on the length of pages? We had a user page then leave the phone off-hook. This resulted in a page that lasted an untold amount of time (1 hour+) that effectively locked up the paging system. I had to do an fwconsole restart to get back to normal. If there was some way to limit the length of the page that would be great.

Not currently a feature. File a feature request at:

When using Page Pro at a school, we would like to play the Star Spangled Banner every morning, and a tone at each period.

We created a Page Group with an extension number that does Multicast Paging to send the recording to the phones, and does so on a schedule. The settings are pretty standard:
paging ext 3333
device list none
announcement period bell (from system recordings)
busy extensions skip
duplex no
default paging group no
auto answer yes
busy page group valet
page announcement none
cid prepend none
RTP multicast
enable scheduler yes (and configured)

First - the phones ring and do not speaker auto-answer as expected. I think I know how to fix this by setting auto answer with SIP-info.

During testing I found several phones locked up (Grandstream GXP1610) and the display showing TALKING on the Line key. EPM showed the sets as off-line (no IP address)

Once the Intercom path is established by the Paging and Intercom module, how can I release the call so it doesn’t tie up the extensions in the multicast group?

All your comments and issues here would be a issue with your phones.

The phone should auto answer not something we can control.
The phone locking up is a issue on the phone and its firmware
The phone not hanging up when we hangup the page is also a phone issue.

Updated the Paging Pro module, now all is well.