Timeout "atxfernoanswertimeout = 15"

Ok, I’m using Freepbx with an asterisk 11, I want to edit how long the transferred call will ring before returning to whoever made the transfer.
Example: Extension 100 answers the call and transfers to 101. But it only rings for 15 seconds on 101 and returns to 100.

I think just adding the variable “atxfernoanswertimeout = 60” in the file “features_general_custom.conf” would solve my problem, but the ring time is only about 25 seconds, no matter what value I put in the “atxfernoanswertimeout” variable.

This option I think it works only if you xfer with the asterisk feature code. If you use the transfer button on your device asterisk receives a new invite so from his side it’s a new call thus the specific variable isn’t used because it bridges the calls and don’t care what happens after as it does with any other call.

I do not quite understand, but in any case, is it possible or not to increase the ring time in the transfer?

If you are using the transfer button on your device, no.