Timegroup issue

I’m trying to set up a time group for a outbound route but I can’t figure it out .

What I would like to do is is have a VOIP provider go first at the top of the list and NOT to be at weekends (POTS land line used instead), well to be exact from 18:00 Friday to 06:00 Monday. All other time 06:00 Monday to 18:00 Friday to go via my VOIP provider. Sounds simple at first…

What I’ve done so far is have a time group with two entry’s 06:00-06:00 Mon-Fri and 18:00-18:00 Mon-Fri but I don’t think that’ll work?


You will need two outbound routes. The first in sequence from top to bottom will have the weekend time group applied and will direct calls out your pots trunk. The second outbound route will have no restrictions and will go out a voip trunk.