Timed Greetings

Hi all,
We are beginning to deploy FreePBX at our DOCTORS answering service. I need help applying time based greetings to an IVR. For example: Monday thru Friday from midnight to 11:30 AM play greeting 1. Then, from 11:31 AM till 2 PM play greeting 2. Then from 2:01 PM till midnight play greeting 1. How might I set this up?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Where do I define which greeting to play for a condition? For example in your explanation you say: “If condition met -> Greeting 2.” Then, “If condition met -> Greeting 1.”

I’m on FreePBX 2.7.0. and when I go to ADD TIME CONDITION there is nowhere to choose which greeting to play for the specific condition.

Nice. That makes sense. Thank you a bunch. :slight_smile:

You don’t say what happens on the weekends, but what you can do is set it up like this:

Time Group 1: 11:30am-2pm M-F
Time Group 2: 12am-11:59pm M-F

Time Condition 1:
Use Time Group 1.
If condition met -> Greeting 2.
If condition not met -> Time condition 2.

Time Condition 2:
Use Time Group 2.
If condition met -> Greeting 1.
If not met -> whatever you do on the weekend.