Timecondition on off - System Recording - 3 Recordings switch between them, and record through Snom Phone

dear community,

i would configure my pbx like:

  1. i want record 3 announcements (system recordings?) directly via snom phone, how can i do that? i have tried to add a new system recording, but i am not able to edit the recordings (via feature codes)
  2. if i have now created my 3 announcements, currently my time condition will play after 6pm. the system recording 1 will be played. but how can i now change it to recording 2 or 3 throug the feature code? have tried to call *292, but i have no possibility to edit the recordings (if i want change one of my 3 recordings)
  3. is there a easy possibility to change the “time condition” if iam longer in office, that i can bypass temporary or disable it for this day? e.g. i am there until 9 pm, that i can press a simple feature code, that then the time condition will be stopped? how normaly will this solved? best way only through the snom phone directly.

can anybody helps me how i can solve that perfect with the best passing modules?

thank you very much !

many greets


There are at least three ways to manage your incoming lines. The first (and classic) is to use time conditions. You can cascade time conditions to play as many different messages as you want (through the Announcements function). For example, during TC1, you play a message or take the false leg. The false leg points to TC2, which plays a different message or fails. The false leg points to TC3, which plays yet a different announcement. You can keep doing that (I think) about 63 times. Every time condition can have an override function code which gets set when you set up the TC.

Because of the way that time conditions actually work, if you can’t do it in two or less, you’re doing it wrong.

There is also Calendar integration (which is new) and there’s another one whose name escapes me (hey - someday you’ll be old too).

So, with the exception of re-recording the messages (which is the only way to edit them), you have everything you need.

dear cynut,

thank you for your fast answer.

and if i only have 1 time condition, how i can here switch the announcements through feature code?

in this case i have 3 announcements, how i can switch them directly in the time conditions?

but to the recordings:
i cannot record through snom phone.
if i call the feature code of the in announcements defined system recording, then it will only be played.
i have no chance to edit them. can u please tell me what iam dong wrong?

thank you very much!

There is a toggle that you can use to manucally turn the time condition on or off. It’s set up on the Time Condition (or is it Time Group) page. Every time condition gets one.

Time Conditions are either “On” or “Off”, but you can cascade them to select more than one.

There is an option on the system recordings where you put in the extension and record a recording.

You can’t edit (or change) it - you can only record a message. In the system, you play it back through the phone and accept it or replace it. Once in the system, I don’t think there’s an easy way to delete an old recording. All you can do is record a new version to replace the old one through the same mechanism you used to create it in the first place.

Thank you very much cynjut,

can u tell me if i dont need a time condition, how i can do this then?

e.g. i come on 8 am into the office, so now i want disable the “announcement” (no mailbox!) and change to ring group.

and if i set at night to “announcement”, how i can then change my recorded announcements?
e.g. i have 3

announcement a, b and c.

how i can solve this without time condition if i idont need this?

thank you!

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