Time zone issues

Just upgraded to 2.3B1…very cool! However, I am having some time zone problems.
System is Trixbox 2.0, asterisk 1.2.13, FreePBX 2.3 beta1
The system is set to GMT -4 (EDT) and returns the correct time when you issue the date command:
Thu Jul 5 13:05:37 EDT 2007
However, if I receive a voicemail, the time is reported as 4 hours later, i.e. the time above is reported as 17:05. *60 also reports the time 4 hours ahead. Anywhere else, such as Time Conditions, phpinfo etc. report the correct time. It appears that part of FreePBX is thinking my system time is GMT since the error is exactly my offset from GMT. Is there an easy way to fix this?


Are you running trixbox?

In any case, there is a discussion of this problem on the trixbox forum. It seemed to be a problem when you upgraded FreePBX and used trixbox 2.0. There are a couple of workarounds on the trixbox forum.

The issue went totally away here when I upgraded to the latest trixbox release.