Time wrong

System =
Dell SC440 - Fresh PiaF install - FreePBX

Dell bios shows correct time
PiaF cli “date” shows correct time
Voicemail times show correct
FreePBX call reports show correct time
*60 reports correct time

Set up system for wake up calls, wake up log shows time + 1hr, so the wake-ups are wrong, time conditions are all off by 1hr, somewhere FreePbx is getting wrong time.

Anyone know where the incorrect time is getting pulled from?

This is a replacement system(old aah setup) for my motel, wake up calls need to work at the correct time.

You need to have the correct TimeZone set in php. Go to Settings->Advanced Settings then make sure the php TimeZone is correct.

He posted in 2008 - I’m, pretty sure he’s solved it. :slight_smile:

On the other hand, it is the right solution, so good catch on giving future Googlers an answer.