Time Warner Blocking Sip?

I made an extension for my dad to check in from Hawaii. He has Time Warner Oceanic or something like that. I’m able to sign into the extension just fine from outside my network using port forwarding and so forth. He is unable to connect using the same settings. I even changed my firewall to route a completely different port number to 5060 internally. I’m able to connect using that new port number as well. He can’t. Anyone have an opinion or any other tests to try?

Is this a business internet connection? Sometimes Time Warner will block ports on standard accounts. I would call time warner and see if they are blocking port 5060, if they are you can change the port that his extension uses in device option in the FreePBX UI. If you change the port to 5061 or whatever it may be, don’t do a redirect in your firewall, just keep it 5061 the whole way instead of mapping 5061 to 5060 or whatever you may want. The first step would be to call Time Warner.

We’ve had several clients with Time Warner that have also experienced problems with connecting to our servers. I’d him check (and turn off) SIP-ALG on the router. If he’s not able to get in to it, or isn’t sure, he should also be able to call them and have them turn it off for him. Good luck!

I’m on Time Warner here in SoCal. Nothing is being blocked.

99% sure its a SIP ALG problem on the router. What is the make model of the router, some, like the Cisco ones provided by Comcast, have SIP ALG on by defualt with no way to disable

He says he’s using a ASUS Model RT-N66U.

We’ve made progress somehow. He can receive calls but he just can’t make them. We both would be using the same outbound route so this is pretty odd.