Time to install 1.1009.210.62

I just loaded this latest version of the distro onto a test machine. It was fine but it did take over an hour to go through the process which is considerably longer than the Centos 5.8 version of the distro. I don’t know if this is because the test box is an older machine with only 500 Megs of memory or if it really does take a lot longer.

Could others who have loaded it compare notes?

Centos 6.x recommends atleast 1GB of memory My Centos 6.x builds install much faster then 5.x

That sounds like the reason, I will find something with more memory and give it another try.

I loaded up the latest distro based on CentOS 6.3 and it screamed loading into the machine, granted I must admit the server had 8G of working RAM.

Then again, at today’s prices for memory, and the importance of our PBX’s, why would anyone not feed the machines enough RAM. Linux like most OS’s very happily uses extra RAM if for nothing else as buffers that help keep the servers performing well.

So feed your server a few GB of memory, and watch it run well…